# 224 Galaxy!

“I don’t know what to say
But I’m going to want you till the stars evaporate
We’re only here for just a moment in the light
One day it shines for us the next we’re in the night
So say the word and I’ll be running back to find you” -Starset


Background: @ Epiphany ♥ Open Until May 12th 2018
– :[P]:- Edras Daybed
– :[P]:- Loonalamp
– :[P]:- Qora Zengarden
– :[P]:- Pixielight Scorpius
– :[P]:- Cela Tapestry
– :[P]:- Artsy Stars
– :[P]:- Dotiline Couch
Plastik web page ♥
Plastik Flickr ♥
Plastik IWS ♥
Plastik MP♥

Outfit: “SL” Outfit Bow (Top and Skirt ) @SD
Suicide Dolls♥ Open Until April 20th, 2018]

– Liquid ~ Rainbow Makeup ~ Blueberry Eyeshadow
– Liquid ~ Rainbow Makeup ~ Blueberry Lipstick
Liquid IWS♥
Liquid MP ♥
Liquid Flicker ♥
Liquid VIP Group ♥

Hair: TRUTH VIP March – Bewkie


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