#206 By the sea!

“So tell me how did you lose yourself at sea
Drifting within this
So tell me why did you cast yourself away
It’s such a sweet addiction
You should celebrate” -In This Moment

Earings: Elle Boutique – Deja Earrings
Elle Boutique IWS ♥
Elle Boutique Flicker ♥
Elle Boutique MPS ♥
Elle Boutique Facebook ♥
Elle Boutique Blog ♥

Top: [Simply Me!] Bandeau Top “Viola”
[Simply Me!]flickr ♥
[Simply Me!] facebook♥
[Simply Me!] IWS ♥

Nose ring: !TLB – Katya Septum

Hair: TRUTH / Rumor
Truth IWS ♥

Horns: :[P]:- Chryso Horns [Fade]
Plastik web page ♥
Plastik Flickr ♥
Plastik IWS ♥
Plastik MP♥

Background: Photo taken on Sim [ Isle of May ]


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