# 202 My True Love!

“My true love – the only one for me
And the other there will never be
My true love – always there for me
When I’m feeling so lonely
My true love calls my name
That’s when I go running
My true love will never let me down
Please don’t let me down” -Informatik

Ostara’s Altar Event: Spring is about to be sprung! It is time to pay homage to Ostara This March! <a href=”https://darkpassionsevents.wixsite.com/secondlife/about”&gt; Dark Passions Events Website♥</a>

Pose: Expressive bento poses – Temptation
EBP Flicker ♥
EBP Facebook ♥

Background @ Ostara’s Altar
– DELIRIUM +LUNACY+ // Ancient Temple
– {LORE} Pagan Garden Statue – Goddess
Dress: Oubliette- FATPACK Maia Dress
Ostara’s Altar ♥ Open Until April 3rd 2018

Shape: .::Boss Style ::. SHAPE MARIA for bento -Catwa Catya
Boss Style FB♥
Boss Style Flicker♥
Boss Style IWS♥


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