#149 Awaken!

“If I bleed tonight
If I am sad tonight
I don’t have a job to find
And if I work tonight
If I’m so tired tonight
I’ll fall asleep when I’m home
When I’m home” – ONLAP


Romper: DarkFire Shenna Romper
DarkFire Flicker ♥
DarkFire IWS♥
DarkFire FB♥

Rings: Slipper – Morning Josie Bento Rings
Slipper Originals IWS ♥
Slipper Originals Flicker ♥
Slipper Originals MPS ♥
Slipper Originals Facebook ♥
Slipper Originals Blog ♥
EXCLUSIVE For The Underdog Event ♥ Jan 14 – Feb 16th 2018

Eyes: Nightmare :: Frosted Eyes
Nightmare Flicker♥
Nightmare MP ♥
Nightmare IWS ♥

Hair: Doe: BearBear – Candy
The Epiphany♥ Open Until: February 12th, 2018


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