#140 Take Me!

“Watch the stars as they’re dancing
Like I’m caught in a trance
And I will steal everyone for you
See you on the horizon
I will be lightning
I will fly through the night for you
To tell you the truth
I’d die for you
I’m at the door screaming (Take me now” -Written By Wolves

Nail Close up.png
Rings: Slipper – Lisana Bento Rings (Exclusive for 4Mesh Jan 12th – Feb 11th ,2018)
Slipper Originals IWS ♥
Slipper Originals Flicker ♥
Slipper Originals MPS ♥
Slipper Originals Facebook ♥
Slipper Originals Blog ♥
4Mesh ♥

(These 4 items below can be found at COLLABOR88)
Hair: Exile – Slow Dancing – Wild Fusion
Top: Legal Insanity – Myra top black
Glasses: (box) *katat0nik* (steel & rusty) Wire Glasses
Backdrop: +Half-Deer+ Fairylight Rose Vines [Midnight]
C88 ♥


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