#91 Beneath the Skin!

“No one knows all the weight that she holds when she feels alone.
The memories, they haunt her. No one sees all the pain she brings everywhere she goes. She feels they’ll never want her.” -Memphis May Fire

Dress: NSD-Poison Mini Dress-Witches’ Brew-Maitreya
[[NS]] No Salvation Designs ♥

The three items listed below are from once upon a nightmare hunt. The store links are listed below. I was unable to find and end date for the haunt, but for more information about the hunt please visit the [website] ♥

Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Lindy OUAN Hunt (Free Hunt item)
Sintiklia ♥

Shoes: Phedora ~ Spectra heels ~ Hud 28 C. (Not the Free hunt item)
Phedora ♥

Lipstick: Izzie’s – Halloween Colors Lipstick Set (Catwa) OUAN (Not the free haunt item)
Izzie’s ♥


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